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For Rehabilitation

Rehabilitating muscle-related injuries

We have had great success in rehabilitating knee injuries, carpel tunnel syndrome, lower back pain, sciatic pain, headaches, fibromyalgia, minor scoliosis, whiplash, thoracic outlet, golfers elbow and many other muscle related injuries.

For Preventative Maintenance

Prevent injuries before they happen

We firmly believe in preventative maintenance and help keep many active clients from ever having to experience athletic injuries. Come in for a tuneup to keep active, doing what you love!

For Pure Relaxation...

Treat yourself to a relaxing spa experience

You deserve it! Lose yourself in an incredibly relaxing massage or aromatherapy session. Forget about everything else while we pamper you in every way.

Are You Tired Of Chronic Pain?

Try the Koontzin Technique - Not Your Typical Massage

Koontzin Tamarindo Massage This approach is what Tamarindo Muscle Therapy is founded on. Only a handful of therapists in the world are trained and certified in the unique Koontzin Technique.

The Koontzin Technique includes very specific manipulation of your muscle fibers, involving a combination of pressure, movement, lengthening and manipulating your muscle fibers in a way that is in sync with your body's natural healing responses.

Proper application of the Koontzin Technique results in the aligning, on a microscopic level, of muscle fibers that have been blocking the muscle's natural ability to flex and stretch pain-free. At times a muscle can not even rest in a relaxed state, due to these fibers that have laid across the grain, (like a patch on clothing), restricting movement and pulling the muscle into a tight and stressed state.

We adjust for how and where the nerves interact with the muscles and your corresponding pain. We determine where you might be pulled out of balance and what the core reason for your pain or restriction of movement could be, and correct the cause with permanent results. You will feel it happening during and immediately after the session, and the results are even more noticeable as your body heals and adjusts over the following few days.

You determine just how deeply we can work, the deeper we work will correspond directly to the level of your positive results and alignment.

Come and experience what it's like to move without restriction and pain-free.

Watch: Frequently Asked Questions - Koontzin Therapy

Our Tamarindo Massage Services

Koontzin Therapy

Koontzin Therapy

This is deep therapy – not your typical “relaxing” massage. We will help you determine what is causing your pain or limitation and dig deep to fix the issue. This includes assisted stretching and other techniques. This can be painful during the session but results can be amazing. The focus here is strictly on the therapy without the typical massage.

30 minutes – $50
60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $140

Watch Video Demonstration

Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage

A combination of techniques including Swedish, Trigger Point Therapy, and Myofascial Release, all of which are adapted to your individual needs.


60 minutes – $75
90 minutes – $100

Watch Video Demonstration

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

De-stress and detox with this rejuvenating full body treatment. Loosen and free up sore and tired muscles and release chronic muscle tension with this deep muscle approach. Our focus is on the deep layers of muscle tissue and fascia – the protective layer that surrounds muscles, bones, and joints.


60 minutes – $75
90 minutes – $100

Watch Video Demonstration

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage to encourage the natural drainage of the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back to the appropriate organs so the body can filter and dispose of them.

60 minutes – $100
90 minutes – $135

Reflexology Session

Reflexology Session

This treatment includes application of pressure to specific points and areas on the head, hands and feet to promote healing.


30 minutes – $50
60 minutes – $80

Couples Massage Package

Couples Massage Package

– 30 min Hot Mineral Bath w/essential oils
– 90 min Couples Massage or 60 min Koontzin Therapy
– Includes a bottle of wine


120 minutes – $200

Anti Inflammatory Hydro Mineral Bath

Anti Inflammatory Hydro Mineral Bath

Soak in our jacuzzi with anti-inflammatory minerals and essential oils before or after a session, complete with an incredible ocean view.

30 minutes – $25

Tamarindo Massage Packages (20% Discount)

Herbal Body Wrap Detox Package

(8) Herbal Body Wraps w/Infrared Sauna
$800 $640

Couples Package

30 min Hot Mineral Bath w/essential oils
90 min Couples Massage or 60 min Koontzin Therapy
Includes a bottle of wine
$250 $200

Koontzin Therapy Package

(6) Sessions of Koonztin Muscle Therapy
$600 $480

Koontzin Therapy Deluxe Package +

(10) Sessions of Koontzin Muscle Therapy
(10) Anti-Inflammatory Mineral Baths
A glass of wine before every session
$1480 $1260

Book Now

Please call us at +506 8408-3000 if you have any trouble booking a Couple's Massage or other packages online. We will do everything we can to adjust the schedule to fit your needs.

What Are Our Clients Saying?

  • "Raquel/Sheela is a very talented massage therapist. I have had neck problems since I was a teenager & she is able to give me relief from pain. My husband has knee problems and she is the first person that has been able to help him with pain & range of motion. Her therapy is at times painful but the benefits afterwards are outstanding. I would (& do) recommend her!"
    Courtney Schebler Tamarindo, Costa Rica
  • "I recently visited Sheela and she is amazing! I've struggled with a painful shoulder injury for years which has been limiting my ability to surf regularly. She warned me that her muscle therapy sessions wouldn't be relaxing but would be highly effective in reducing shoulder pain and increasing my range of motion. She was right! Thanks to her process of re-training problematic muscles with deep tissue massage and simultaneous stretching, I feel significantly better. I highly recommend Sheela for athletes that want to stay active."
    Clarence So California, USA
  • "Raquel is an EXCELLENT massage therapist! She really knows what she's doing. There are many people you can go to on the beach and pay $20 per hour - the beach massage is NOTHING compared to Raquel. My neck has been going out and giving me headaches- after her treatment- all better! Come and see Raquel, you will benefit greatly from the work she does. Don't go to the beach and get a touchy feely massage. She is interested in helping you 'get better' not just 'feel better'."
    Chris Spears Tamarindo, Costa Rica
  • "Raquel and her mother are amazing muscle therapists. I have had so many injuries they are uncountable. I am 73 years old and have had both work on me. I can spring back from a bad fall, old injuries, etc. Even at my age and keep on going. Thank both of you. You are amazing and worth much more than the cost."
    Sheila Hewitt Washington State, USA
  • "I have had massage treatments done to me in order to fix Carpal tunnel, hip problems, plantar fasciitis, severe neck pain, and of course back pain. When I say fix, that is exactly what I mean. I have had the treatment for carpal tunnel done to me in 2000 and it has not re-occurred. All of the problems that I have had treated have not come back. Of course, I have had other injuries that needed to be addressed but what has been corrected has stayed corrected."
    Patty Villasana Arizona, USA
  • "Sheela you are amazing!!! Thank you for all of your help!!! Well worth the trip to see you!!!"
    Earl Davis Washington State, USA
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